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Here is what some of our patients have to say:

Got a massage from Lori, she has magic hands was totally relaxing and enjoyable. Her new place is easy to find and has good parking. Will be going back. Thank you Lori

Marshall S.

The massage that I received at Arlington Healing Arts was exceptional. Lori has a real grasp of the human body and explained what was going on in my case. I felt so relaxed and ready to tackle life again afterward. Thanks Lori!


My body loves every visit to Lori. She soothes, corrects, heals, refreshes, relaxes and aligns all things out of whack, especially my 30 year old back injury. She heals what PT only distressed. A dedicated 4 year patient, I recommend her to everyone, with or without insurance. Mine no longer covers her, but with advanced training in neuro-muscular therapy, she has become a valuable part of maintaining my health, which is priceless in itself.

B. D.

I have seen Lori every month for over 4 years and she has kept my back and body in good order. I would highly recommend Lori.

Dave I.

I have been going to Lori every month for a year now and have always left feeling great. She always inquires if I have any trouble spots she needs to work on and then works on it to alleviate my discomfort. I love her new office it is quiet and very comfortable and easy to find.

Sue P.


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